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The Osteopath accompanies with his touch, stimulates the body's self-healing natural capacity, also advises complementary approaches with the aim of bringing his patient to autonomy. ​ YOGA and meditation reduce stress and anxiety, treat multiple health problems and allows you to reconnect with yourself. Above all an alchemical path, transforming one's soul, one's mind, one's heart, one's body, discovering the power within oneself to release one's mental, emotional and physical burdens through breathing, movement, sound and intention. ​ We also offer other complementary approaches to yoga and meditation. KINSTRETCH (FRC), or the entirely scientific movement and mobility improvement system, and SOPHROLOGY a method for mind body relaxation.


Suzanne McGregor

Professional training:

- Osteopath DO Center ATMAN 2008-2013, 5000H

- Pierre Tricot Tissue Osteopathy 2013, 100H

- Biodynamic Craniosacral Osteopathy BIODO 2014-2015, 120H

- Chi Nei Tsang massage trained by Christophe Briatore Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2022

- Professor Hatha Yoga SIVANANDA 2013, 200H

- Yoga Flow, Yin and prenatal teacher BELOVED YOGA 2015, 200H

- Aerial Yoga teacher REFOCUS YOURSELF Raquel Devillé 2022, 50H

- Aerial Vinyasa Yoga teacher  Mélissa Delattre 2022, 250H

- Michèle Freud school sophrologist 2015-2017, 300H



"Life is movement"Adrew Taylor Still, founder of osteopathy, convinced that "the body's pharmacy is in the body, that the body is capable of self-healing and self-maintenance if we give it the means".


Movement ...

Yoga is for me a living resource, an endless source of creativity. We believe we know ourselves, gone around a posture, and then we visit the move again with new eyes

This discipline is complete involving the body, the breath, the spirit, the perception, the feeling.

Yoga is beautiful because of its Universality, it is offered to everyone the possibility of breathing and be set in motion, Yoga teaches us to discover our own signature, our own individuality while being a part of the wholeness.

Sophrology is for me a softer version than yoga and even more focused on the release of physical and psychological tensions.

Craniosacral Osteopathy and Chi Nei Tsang from Taoist Chinese medicine, brings movement back by releasing blocages through the use of pressure points and slow mobilisations.

I have studied the science and art of movement over years of practice in yoga and alternative medicine, and over time my conclusion is that life is in constant motion and it is necessary to open up to this creative power so as not to become fixed in physical or psychic illness. We all encounter difficulties, life offers us the possibility to recognize them, to try to understand them, to accept them and then... to let go... by the breath, the movement, the conscious intention. This is where Yoga, Sophrology, manual therapy can help you. "


Cheyenne Pepper




Marie Karuna


Giulia Gualdi

Professional training:

- Ashtanga Yoga teacher ASHTANGA ANTIBES / David Garrigues International 2018-2022, 350H

- Yin Yoga teacher 2018, 50H

- Meditation Professor 2018, level 2 Unified Mindfulness Coach

- Professor Kinstretch and FRCms (Functional Range Mobility Specialist) 2019

"Almost ten years ago, I discovered Ashtanga vinyasa yoga during my wedding celebration, thanks to one of my husband's cousins who was himself a committed Ashtanga yoga practitioner.His enthusiasm was so contagious that despite my reluctance (I thought yoga was somehow boring and not for people like me who needed to move), I tried. Since then, yoga has never left me. Over the years, my practice of committed meditation and postural series in ashtanga have been part of my daily life.

A former theoretical physicist and curious by nature, I began to explore the concept of movement and how it arises from the interaction of body and mind. This eventually led me to include in my own area of interest somatic practices, neuroscience, strength and conditioning theory, and the movement modalities of different physical practices.


Convinced that the practice of yoga must be adapted to each individual and be long-term, I integrate into my teaching a functional and non-dogmatic approach aimed at helping practitioners develop a healthy awareness of movement and overall improving their mobility, therefore their quality of life.


Feeling that the practice of yoga has been an extremely powerful tool in improving the quality of my life, I teach in the spirit of sharing this gift.


Concetta Torracca

Professional training:

- Kids & Mini Kids Yoga Teacher AIYB training (Associazione Italiana Yoga Bambini)

- Pre & post natal yoga SAMADHI school

Practice and all is coming, a quote that has followed me ever since I discovered yoga and its benefits. 


At first skeptical, then concerned because of the mild inconveniences of pregnancy and finally bewitched by this millennial practice, until the day I made the decision to conceive Little Yogino, the alter ego that I created with my children, when curious to see me practicing yoga, said to me "mommy, me too". My mother's heart therefore had the interest of understanding how to transmit this heritage to the little ones by following the training recognized by Yoga Alliance Italia.


The second natural step was to train in pre and post-natal yoga at the Samadhi school   (recognized by Yoga Alliance) to be able to share this discipline with mothers and their needs.


Furthermore, I continue to enrich my personal Ashtanga yoga practice, following the teachings of Sharath Jois and the teachers of her school.


Yoga as I teach it offers a practice and a philosophy of life, consisting in taking care of body and mind. All this with simplicity, love and personalized follow-up according to the requirements of each person. 


My goal and my pleasure are to accompany you, young and old, to help you discover a routine that could change your life!

"I appreciate the warmth and human-sized groups side at Yoga Garden Therapies, I like the diversity of practices and services, and the personalized follow-up in teaching."

Michael, practicing yoga since 2007

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